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The human brain is the most complex object in the universe. Our understanding of its inner workings has been shrouded in mystery…until now. New technologies are beginning to unlock the… Read more »

ARCHITECTURE Y1 P1: ARRIVALS – Miho + Ali – 60 Second Film – University of Cambridge

60 Second Film Brief Year 1 Project 1: ARRIVALS [2014] —————————————————————————– Students: Miho Sugiyama + Ali Lalee Department of Architecture / University of Cambridge Undergraduate BA Architecture Tripos ARB/RIBA Pt1… Read more »

Ir/Reconcilable – Film:Trailer

THE STORY A black sheep returns to the fold when life-long drug abuser Robye Porter musters the courage to face her family. Newly sober Robye has struggled through rehab and… Read more »