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the United States passes the 2.5 million infected mark

Houston (United States) (hooly News) – The United States passed the 2.5 million contamination mark with the new coronavirus Saturday and the pandemic seems out of control in the south of the country, already the most struck in the world.

At 5.30 p.m. (9.30 p.m. GMT), the United States had recorded 2,500,419 confirmed cases, according to Johns Hopkins University, whose reports are authoritative.

Florida in particular recorded a new record, with 9,585 new patients and 24 deaths in one day.

For the governor of the state, Ron DeSantis, there is a "real explosion" of the disease in young people who have returned to the beaches and night parties thanks to the deconfinement.

– Virtual gay pride –

As a result of the pandemic, fifty years after the first Gay Pride in New York, the LGBT community was mainly online on Saturday.

However, small demonstrations took place, such as in Mexico City, where some 200 people marched along Reforma, the main avenue in Mexico City, breaking the confines imposed by the pandemic.

In Vienna, some 200 cars and motorcycles decorated with rainbow banners or inflatable unicorns paraded on the famous Ring. According to the organizers, around 5,000 spectators greeted the procession, a lighter version of the annual parade which usually brings together several hundred thousand people.

Stars like Coldplay and Miley Cyrus mobilized for a virtual concert to help the European Union raise funds for the development of a vaccine.

"We will not end this pandemic until it is over everywhere," said European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen at the opening of this virtual event.

"And that means that everyone in the world has access to tests, treatments and vaccines," she said.

However, Europeans still cannot agree on a list of countries whose residents would be allowed to come to Europe in July. The United States, but also Brazil and Russia could be among the retouched.

The Croatian EU presidency had given member states until Saturday evening to vote on it, but some asked for more time.

"It is difficult to predict an outcome, but the presidency hopes to be able to vote on Monday," a European diplomacy source told hooly News.

– Nearly 500,000 dead worldwide –

The Covid-19 has killed more than 495,000 people worldwide in nearly 10 million confirmed cases, according to a report compiled by hooly News from official sources on Saturday at 7:00 p.m. GMT.

The United States remains the country most affected by the pandemic, with 125,255 deaths, ahead of Brazil (57,070 deaths).

Peru, meanwhile, surpassed 9,000 dead on Saturday.

-Bethlehem curly –

In the Middle East, the governor of Bethlehem announced on Saturday the temporary closure of the Palestinian city to counter the increase in the number of infections.

As in Israel, where contamination is on the rise, the West Bank has seen a recent upsurge in cases.

India, for its part, has exceeded 500,000 cases of coronavirus, the government announced on Saturday, with a record of some 18,500 in a single day. The country could register its millionth case in July.

"Unlike China, where the pandemic was relatively more concentrated, around Wuhan and a few other cities, India has a wider distribution which makes things a little more complicated for the health system," said 'hooly News Anant Bhan, a public health expert.

The pandemic is also claiming collateral victims among drug addicts. In Canada, opioid overdoses have multiplied since the start of the crisis.

In Ottawa, three "shooting rooms" have halved the number of places reserved for drug addicts, in order to comply with the new rules of physical distance.

"We already had a lot to deal with the opioid crisis, but we were making progress. Then the pandemic struck," said Anne Marie Hopkins, of Ottawa Inner City Health, who manages one of these centers, desperately.

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