undressed students to check if they are menstruating

Feminine rules remain a deeply held taboo in India. This week, dozens of Indian female students were forced to strip naked at a Hindu university to check if they were menstruating. Indeed, the internal regulations oblige them to put themselves aside during their menstruation.

The facts occurred this Monday, February 10, at the Sahjanand Girls Institute, in the city of Bhuj, in the state of Gujarat, in western India. This is'an establishment run by the Swaminarayan Hindu sect. It also manages sumptuous temples around the world, including one in London. The investigation started with the discovery of a used sanitary napkin in a garden in front of the university.

Its internal regulations prohibit young women from staying in student residences during menstrual periods and oblige them to isolate oneself in a basement, as well as staying away from the kitchen and place of worship. They must also sit at the back of the class during lessons during their period.

There are no words to describe the humiliation we experienced

.Testimony to the Indian media of a student from the Sahjanand Girls Institute in the city of Bhuj.

University officials have lined up 68 female students in the restroom and ordered them to undress one by one, according to student statements to the local press. "There are no words to describe the humiliation we experienced," a student who was among those expressing her anger Thursday outside the establishment told reporters on Thursday February 13.

The university launched an investigation and indicated that it may take action against its employees who initiated this review. "The girls were informed of the residence regulations before their admission," said university official Pravin Pindoria, however.

Measures will be taken against those responsible

"I called an administrative committee meeting which will take action against those responsible"Women’s rules remain a deeply held taboo in India. In some rural areas, women have to live away from the community for the duration of their lives. They are also prohibited from entering certain temples during their menstruation.

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