Verdalle. La Pouzaque and education in the ecological tradition

The general assembly of the center of La Pouzaque took place recently. It started with the brilliant conference of Roland Gérard, author, trainer, co-founder of the School and Nature network, involved for 40 years in active pedagogies, education in nature, environment and transition, which was entitled "Education in the ecological tradition". This is the daily life of the Center for initiation to nature and citizenship. "We must act without delay against attacks on nature. What could be better than educating children to do it! We must immerse them early in an immersion in the natural environment to learn about Pouzaque."

In his moral report, Jean-Marc Pothier, president of the association, declared that "the trees do not go up to the sky but that of the Pouzaque is growing in width and robustness, develops its roots and its branches, thanks to a team that does not count his pain or his time, thanks also to his partners who responded present in the support they give him year after year. "

The 2019 activity report signals a drop in general activity, as well as a drop in attendance compared to 2018 which had set the all-time record. The financial report, also down. Despite everything, a surplus for the financial year amounted to € 2,813 and balanced the accounts for the year. Fortunately, Jacques Pons, the director of the center, presenting the provisional budget for 2020, notes that the reservations for the new year are satisfactory. All votes in the assembly were unanimous. The members of the board of directors were renewed by ballot box at the reception of the demonstration.

This general meeting, attended by the general councilors of the canton of Labruguière, continued with a dinner aperitif.