How do you say female student in Arabic?

A male student would be a طالب while a female student would be a طالبة.

How do you say girl student in Arabic?

Similar translations for “a female student” in Arabic

  1. طُلاّبيّ
  2. طالِبيّ

What do you call student in Arabic?

someone who is studying at a school or university. طالِب

What is plural of students in Arabic?

For people nouns that have both masculine and feminine forms, often the feminine plural is regular and the masculine plural irregular. students (f.) طالبات students (m.) طلاب

What is Girl in Arabic translation?

Arabic Translation. فتاة fata. More Arabic words for girl. noun فتاة

How do you say I am a student in Arabic?

‘ana talb. More Arabic words for I am a student. phrase أنا طالب. ‘ana talb.

Are you a student translation into Arabic?

Are you a student? هل أنت طالب؟

How do you say teachers in Arabic?

“teacher” translation into Arabic

  1. volume_up. أُسْتاذ
  2. مُدَرِّس
  3. مُعَلِّم
  4. شَيْخ

How do you say friend in Arabic?

The Arabic word for friend is pronounced SaaHib and written ﺻَﺎﺣِﺐ.

What is sound feminine plural?

In order to form a feminine sound plural, we drop the ‘o from the word and then add the suffix اتٌ. For example, the plural of مُدَرِّسة is مُدَرِّساتٌ For the genitive and accusative cases we use only the two kasras.

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How do you make words feminine in Arabic?

If a word ends in a ة (h/t) then it is most likely feminine. To make a masculine word feminine usually a ة (h/t) is added to the end of the word. In Arabic nouns, as well as adjectives, have to agree in gender, as well as number.

What is the plural of woman in Arabic?

In Standard Arabic, the primary word for woman (singular) is imrāʾa, the irregular plural of which is nisāʾ.