Quick Answer: Where do I get a parking permit at UCF?

Visitors to the UCF campus must purchase a daily or hourly parking permit at the Visitor and Parking Information Center or at various pay and display machines located throughout the campus. Visit the Visitor and Parking Information Center to find out more.

Do you need a parking pass at UCF?

Students who park a vehicle on the University of Central Florida campus must purchase a parking permit. The registered owner of the permit is responsible for all infractions and penalties attributed to the permit, even if expired.

How do I pay for parking at UCF?

Parking citations may be paid online by credit card (MasterCard, Visa or American Express) or Knightcash, in person at the Parking and Transportation Services Office, the Visitor & Parking Information Center, by mail, or in one of the citation payment boxes located throughout campus.

Where can you park at UCF for free?

Where Should I park? All retail guests have free parking in Garage F any day of the week (including event days), or they can park in metered parking on East and West Plaza Drives (metered parking is free from 11a-2p or 5p-8p every day). Parking may not be free on UCF Football Gameday or on select special event days.

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How much do parking permits cost at UCF?

Permit Fee Schedule (University Regulation UCF – 6.008)

Permit Type Permit Preference Multi-Semester (Pre-tax)
B Decal $303.60
Hang Tag $318.78
C Decal $181.01
Hang Tag $190.06

Where can I park at UCF without a parking pass?

There is no free parking on campus. However, after 5:30PM, students with valid UCF permits are permitted to park in B and C lots, except any specifically designated space.

Can you bring your car to UCF?

Commuting Students – Students traveling to main campus must purchase a green D parking permit and park in designated D lots and garages. Commuting students at the Rosen, Lake Nona and UCF Downtown campuses must also purchase D permits.

How much is a parking fine at UCF?

Most infractions, like not having a proper UCF permit, draw a $30 fine. However, others — such as parking in a disabled spot, which happened 24 times last year — brought penalties as high as $250 per violation.

How much is a parking citation at UCF?

Metered parking: $1.00 per hour. 4. Pay-by-space (Visitors Lot Only): $1.00 per hour for a 2-hour maximum.