Why average students are more successful?

Originally Answered: Why do average students in schools and colleges turn out to be the most successful people? As they age and mature they gain knowledge and experience which makes them successful. They continue to be motivated to perform as they are still in the middle rung of the ladder of life.

Can a average student be successful?

They don’t have fear of failure, so for money and desperation, they may also do exceptionally well in their life (at least based on their own perceptions of success and happiness). Average students live a decent or “normal” lifestyle and may sometimes keep pushing forward to better opportunities.

Why toppers work for average students?

School toppers are often the teacher’s favorite students as they are obedient and comply with all the defined rules of their institution and course curriculum. … These students are always curious and want to challenge everything, question everything and no matter how clear the instructions are, go against it.

Are average students more intelligent than Toppers?

A topper do his work on the given time and an average don’t. that’s the only difference between them, And toppers aren’t born with a lot of intelligence everyone is equal every body is born with equal capabilities it’s just the habits of people which makes them topper or an average student.

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Is it good to be average student?

In the pursuit of excellence, it seems that we’ve forgotten one simple thing: There’s nothing wrong with being average. Average means our kids have strengths in some areas and weaknesses in others. … Being average is not a guarantee of failure, and having above-average test scores or grades doesn’t guarantee success.

What does an average student mean?

An average student is someone who according to conventional and cliched beliefs is defined keeping only one parameter in mind i.e Studies. h. An average student is someone who is not even a stupendous ranker or not even a last ranker. He is someone who is always seen in the middle order. Everytime.

Was Bill Gates an average student?

Gates, who famously dropped out of Harvard, is a lifelong learner and despite his own trajectory, thinks, generally, people should in stay in school. “Although I dropped out of college and got lucky pursuing a career in software, getting a degree is a much surer path to success,” Gates wrote on his blog in 2015.

Why are backbenchers so successful?

Backbenchers are likely to get more attention from the professors, classmates and random people enters the class, than the frontbencher for not any obvious reason. 2. The last bench view is always perfect, sitting on the last bench gives precise an the best view of the entire classroom, with soothing comfort.

Do all toppers fail in life?

These toppers become foolish by studying only for marks due to the fear of parents and teachers. They never fail in school and colleges. But they are easily fail in society. Those people who passed the exam easily, fail in real life badly.

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Can Toppers become successful?

It is not uncommon to see many class toppers from school not become highly successful while many of those who were backbenchers get fly-high jobs. … It is not uncommon to see many class toppers from school not become highly successful while many of those who were backbenchers get fly-high jobs.

Why do Toppers lie?

One the other side of the coin, the toppers or achievers have learnt just enough to top their class by studying better and also just enough to understand how much they don’t know. They underestimate their preparedness. And this is why we feel these overachievers lie to us.

Are toppers born or made?

Toppers not born, they are ordinary humans who choose to go for the extra. It’s the years of dedication, hard work and clear motive that makes a topper.

Can an average student become a doctor?

An average student can be a doctor. He can get admitted into medical college. Though, having great marks or grades won’t prove you a good student. If a student has passion, a responsible mindset, can handle serious situations, wants to improve, has a research interest.

Is being average okay?

Contrary to popular belief, there are many advantages to being, and even feeling, average. If you want to avoid most physical and psychological illnesses, being average is one of your best options; pathology is generally associated with statistical infrequency.

Is it wrong to be average?

Statistically, it’s impossible for everyone to be above average. There will always be an average when you measure values across a population. … This isn’t a good or bad thing because there is a vast array of qualities that can be measured. Everyone you meet will know something you don’t.

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Is above average good?

A – is the highest grade you can receive on an assignment, and it’s between 90% and 100% B – is still a pretty good grade! This is an above-average score, between 80% and 89%